Transmission Core Supplier Autoparts UK Ltd also offers a full range of core auto parts available for purchase

We are not only a transmission core supplier; we also have other core parts available.

Whatever you are looking for, we can be your preferred transmission core supplier and provide other core parts for your remanufacturing requirements, including:

Alternators | Calipers | Starter Motors | Clutch Kits | Diesel Pumps | DSGs | EGR Valves | Electronic Steering Pumps | Electronic Steering Racks | Gearbox Actuators | Hydraulic Steering Pump | Hytronic | Injectors | Mecatronic | Aircon Pumps | Steering Racks | Turbos

We supply Core Auto Parts for remanufacturers globally

If you remanufacture any of the components stocked by Auto Parts, please get in touch to receive our up-to-date stock list.

Our vast inventory enables us to supply on-demand core products for any size of factory requirements

With a vast supply of OEM core parts, Autoparts UK is the best place for all your remanufacturing core component requirements.

We are a market-leading business based in the United Kingdom, with a worldwide presence in the market.

Whether you are searching for core units for cars and trucks or light commercial lorries, petrol or diesel, Autoparts UK are well stocked for whatever volumes you need, under one roof

All our stock has been meticulously evaluated and rated by our highly proficient and experienced team. Each part is checked according to our rigorous quality control requirements during the purchase, stocking, and sales procedures. You can be ensured that you are obtaining the core components ready for remanufacturing. And since it is Autoparts UK, you can be confident you are getting the very best market value.

You will also have access to our efficient buying process

Our sales process helps to target specific cores that will meet your precise needs. As soon as a price is accepted, our staff will quickly arrange your order/orders for delivery.

To learn more on how we can meet your company’s needs with core component supplies, contact our business sales team today.