Core Auto Parts Buyers – Auto Parts UK

We are one of the most competitive Core Auto Parts Buyers in the UK

As one of the leading Core Auto Parts Buyers, we are interested in all the Core Parts you might have in your inventory. Whether it is a one-off or regularly supply, our interest is comprehensive and includes:

Alternators | Calipers | Starter Motors | Clutch Kits | Diesel Pumps | DSGs | EGR Valves | Electronic Steering Pumps | Electronic Steering Racks | Gearbox Actuators | Hydraulic Steering Pump | Hytronics | Injectors | Mecatronic | Aircon Pumps | Steering Racks | Transmissions | Turbos | Hybrid and BEV Systems

If you are in the South East, we would like to speak to you about planning regular collections as we are always looking for late model components

Regularly preparing your Core parts for us:

For those who become regular suppliers, we can provide you with the containers. All you have to do is load them with the components and wait for us to arrange collection.

Autoparts UK Ltd is registered with the environment agency for the collection of all automotive components

Our buyers carry all necessary documentation to ensure that your collection is fully compliant with the waste regulation hierarchy and have liability insurance for peace of mind while we visit your site.