Starter Motor Repair service, including alternators, for vintage, marine, plant, and commercial applications is our speciality

Starter Motor Repair service and alternators are carried out thoroughly and swiftly

Auto Parts UK carries out all starter motor repair service, including alternators, in our own workshop. We have the expertise, experience, and equipment to ensure the most cost-effective repair is carried out, keeping charges down. We will get your Starter Motors and Alternators back in action in no time.

Autoparts UK Offers Specialist Expertise in Remanufacturing Rotating Electrics

All specialist applications are included, such as vintage, marine, plant, heavy commercial, stationary engine, forklift, and applications brand-new to the market and not available in other places.

Our services give you the opportunity to have your defective alternator or starter electric motor fixed

At a huge cost saving, repairing is often the better option over acquiring a brand-new or second-hand replacement. Our specialist team repairing your faulty part is more often than not quicker than buying brand-new, either in-garage or online. You also get the possibility to have your original device back very often with far better functionality than a non-original copy that you might have thought of replacing it with.

In today’s market, your alternator can ultimately set you back a great deal of cash.

Alternators often fail at a low fuel mileage since just one minor component is at fault; the rest of the alternator could go on for 100,000 miles or even more, so why buy a replacement for your original? Better to have it repaired.