Catalytic Converter Buyers Autoparts Precious Metals UK Ltd

There are many Catalytic Converter Buyers, so who should you choose?

Autoparts Precious Metals UK Ltd are part of Autoparts UK Ltd. As Catalytic Converter Buyers, we specialise in their recycling, offering a traditional grading and purchasing service to a diverse range of automotive businesses across the South East. With an in-house laboratory, employing the latest analytical technology, and extensive knowledge of the market, Autoparts Precious Metals UK Ltd offer the most competitive rates for all types of catalytic converter based on their precious metal content and the current precious metal price.

We strive to achieve a consistent, accurate method of grading, coupled with competitive rates to guarantee customer peace of mind.

Autoparts UK purchase catalysts by the piece

We acquire Catalysts throughout the South East and are constantly testing new units that come into the market, including catalysts from heavy goods, buses, marine craft, forklifts & plant.

We must look after our environment. Partner with us by selling your Catalysts to Autoparts Precious Metals UK Ltd

We are the leading Catalytic Converter Buyers who offer great rates with peace of mind.

Autoparts Precious Metals UK Ltd are licensed by the environment agency for the safe collection of catalysts and are fully compliant with the hazardous waste act.