Important information on the legal requirements of producing, transporting, buying and processing waste catalytic converters


There are only two processes that legally produce catalytic converters; End of Life Vehicle (ELV) Recycling and Vehicle Servicing.

ELV’s can only be recycled at an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). These are permitted and inspected by the Environment Agency. Removing the catalytic converter from an ELV is part of the depollution process and can only legally take place at an ATF.

Vehicle servicing will occasionally produce a waste catalytic converter. Garages should only produce very small numbers. It is likely that 1 waste catalytic converter will be produced per 250 vehicle services. They are designed to last the lifetime of a car and rarely fail.

Waste Carriers

Any person transporting waste catalytic converters must be registered with the Environment Agency as an Upper Tier Waste Carrier. Any movement of waste catalytic converters should be accompanied by a hazardous waste consignment note. Waste Carriers should only collect catalytic converters from either of the above types of premises. They can only deliver directly to a permitted site. Catalytic converters cannot be stored or ‘bulked up’ at any other location. There is no waste exemption that allows for the storage of catalytic converters.
More information on the requirements of transporting hazardous waste and the reporting requirements for consignment notes, can be found here;

Waste Brokers and Dealers

Any person arranging for the sale and processing of waste catalytic converters should be registered with the Environment Agency as a Waste Broker or Dealer.
Check a waste carrier, broker or dealer is registered here;

Catalytic Converter Processors

need a bespoke processing permit issued and regulated by the Environment Agency.

In addition to all the above Environment Agency requirements, Metal Collectors must also be registered with each Local Authority in which they collect, under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. To comply with the terms of the act, collectors must hold information from all of their suppliers.

Check if a Scrap Metal Collector is registered here;


Payments can only be made by BACS, cheque or bread-card.